Kendall speaks again

Q)What has been the reaction to your situation from teammates and coaches?

Kendall: Yeah, but I'm not going to put anybodies name on it. Coaches and players and people in the building have expressed to me that they hope I get what I'm looking for, what I want. More than a few have expressed that they don't necessarily agree with everything that has gone on. I think it's probably eye-opening for a lot of people.

Q)Do you think the organization is trying to make an example out of you?

Kendall: I think so. That is my believe. I think I won't be here. It's just a matter of when.

Q)What kind of example are they making of you?

Kendall: I think it started from the mini-camp. If you don't do the voluntary stuff, you are going to be demoted.

Q)Have you had any thoughts of leaving camp?

Kendall: Who doesn't want to leave camp three day in (he laughs).

Q)Have you thought about saying, I've had it, I'm leaving?

Kendall: I have certainly thought of it.

Q)Have you been moved out of the rookie dorm?

Kendall: Yes.

Q)Aside from now wanting to give money back, does it also benefit you to be in camp to stay in football shape?

Kendall: Yeah, I still like the game. I hope there is a situation somewhere that I will like.

Q)Is there a culture here where they players are forced to be submissive?

Kendall: It's different. Whether they are attempting to beat us into submission, I don't know. I think they want everyone to know who is boss.

Q)Can you believe it has come to this?

Kendall: No, no. Like I've said before. We tried to approach this quietly in the off-season. I believe I had a handshake agreement with the head coach that if it didn't work out we would move on so it didn't come to this. But for some reason, it hasn't been the case.

Q)You have said repeatedly that Mike Tannenbaum told you your demands weren't unreasonable – what is he saying now?

Kendall: He trieds to explain his situation. I understand that there are two positions on this. I just don't like the position he has taken which he has to manage the whole team. My point is always that it didn't have to come to this. This could have been spun a thousand different ways – all of them positively. He said he wasn't prepared to make a decision until after the off-season program. My position is that if he didn't know what kind player I was after three years, then you weren't going to figure it out.

Q)What was he going to see in the off-season program to help him make his decision?

Kendall: My point exactly.

Q)Why are you here now?

Kendall: I'm here because I don't want to pay them not to be here. All I can do is be honest about I feel.

Q)Do you see a light at the end of the tunnel?

Kendall: I don't see this going on much longer. I feel in my heart that I'm going to get moved on.

Q)Why do you feel that way?

Kendall: Look where I take my repetitions.

Q)But you didn't get a number of reps with the starters today?

Kendall: Splitting.

Q)Don't you think the Revis holdout is connected to your situation since it's the same agent and he doesn't want to lose to the Jets twice?

Kendall: I think Neil (Schwartz) will always do what is in the best interest of the player.

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