Mangini sheds some light on Kendall situation

Q)Eric, will Pete Kendall be practicing today or will he be held out?

Mangini: I've got to check with the trainer.

Q)What are your thoughts on the level of acrimony that's developed with Kendall?

Mangini: I appreciate you having to ask that question, but I've addressed Kendall multiple times, and really it's status quo with our situation.

Q)What are your thoughts on how Pete Kendall has handled his situation?

Mangini: Everybody handles situations differently and frustration differently.

Q)Who would replace Kendall?

Mangini: Pete is here and so is everybody else who's competing in training camp, and that's where we are. Everybody is here, and we're all sort of doing the same thing. This is day two or three here into training camp, and that's where we are.

Q)How important is it for player to be happy to perform well?

Mangini: I think there's a lot of good players in the locker room. There's a lot of good leaders. Mike (Tannenbaum) and I focus on doing what's best for the New York Jets, and that's what we're always focused on. Each situation is unique.

Q)Is Pete breaking any team rules?

Mangini: We have very specific rules in place, The players all got those rules and they clearly were defined and articulated. The rules are designed to create the best possible working environment for us to focus on winning. Pete is a professional and I expect he'll follow the rules like I anticipate all players will follow the rules.

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