Kendall reveals what Jets want in trade

Q)Do you still believe that your situation and the Revis holdout aren't having an impact on each other?

Kendall: At the end of the day, I think Mike and Neil are mature enough to handle each situation separately.

Q)Why should the Jets just cut a starting guard at the beginning of camp? When Denny Green did that to you in Arizona, even you thought it was a little crazy.

Kendall: I think the situations are different. Denny made his mind up to do something and let me go. I don't know if that is what is going on here. Denny had no intention of keeping me, so letting me go was in the best interest of both parties.

Q)Is it in the best interest of the team and yourself to keep you out of practice. If you get hurt, they can't trade you, and also you won't be able to go to another team and get the raise you want?

Kendall: I don't think anybody is keeping me off the field. I have an injury.

Q)You have played with a lot worse . . .

Kendall: I don't know where you are going with this. [The contract] isn't the reason I'm wearing a ball cap today. The two are not related.

Q)Would you except a trade anywhere?

Kendall: I'm under contract, I don't have much say.

Q)Would both sides want to avoid the Darwin Walker situation. He was upset with his deal in Philly, and was traded to Buffalo, but couldn't reach a deal with them . . .

Kendall: Well, my unhappiness is about the contract.

Q)Does Neil need to talk contract with the other team before you are traded there?

Kendall: I don't think so, but it's something that a team might want to do. But the Jets can assign my rights to whoever they want.

QWhat was you understanding of the trade talks during the draft?

Kendall: We found out during the middle of the week that my name had been floated. The night before the draft, there was some contact. We were told that we could shop a deal, but they wanted a fourth round pick. It seemed like a steep price at the 11th hour. It was steep enough where no deal was ultimately worked out.

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