5 Questions with the Interior Line

Defensive tackles Josh Evans and Jason Ferguson talk about the upcoming match-up with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Q: What are your thoughts on Fred Taylor?


Evans: I think he's probably one of the best backs in the NFL right now. He's a powerful runner, speed, change of pace, he can do it all. An exceptional football player.


Q: Having gone up against him, what makes him so good?


Evans: He has a vision, a lot of running backs don't have. He can see a hole or be patient and wait for a hole to open up. He can run over some people and make a hole. He has all the tools a great running back has, especially when he's healthy.


Q: Does it make it more complicated with a back like Fred Taylor because you can't really worry too much about Brunell?


Ferguson: Like I said we got to stop the run so we can start doing all the other stuff later. You got to stay at home and you got to tackle because Fred's going to shake some people and do a lot of cut back running to hurt us. If everybody stays at home we'll be okay.


Q: When you go up against a quarterback like Brunell, is it easy to get away from your game and get mesmerized by his running ability?


Evans: Definitely. You definitely want to contain him. Mark is a great scrambler. I've been playing against him for the last six or seven years, and he's always broken a big run off of us. (In Tennessee) We weren't so pressed with getting sacks on him. We just wanted to contain him and make sure he doesn't scramble for a lot of yards. You definitely have to contain him.


Ferguson: You got to be cautious when you rush. You're not really going to run so aggressive and get out of your lanes because you don't want to let him go. He can run. They'll be a lot of pass rush but a controlled pass rush so we can control him. He's in the back of your mind the whole time because he's so athletic. You just have to be patient and stay in your rushing lanes. Try not to get crazy about the sack and go over into somebody else's lane.


Q: Herm said one of the ways to contain him is to get penetration up the middle.


Evans: Definitely because he's sort of a short quarterback and he likes to step up so he could see downfield and make plays. The inside people have to get good pressure on him so the outside guys can come in hoping to make sacks.


Q: How badly do you need to win this weekend?


Ferguson: Desperately. By any means necessary we got to get a W and turn this thing around. There's no question about that. Everybody knows how important a win is. We got to get a win.

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