"We need confidence"

I still have the utmost confidence in the NY Jets. Some may say I'm holding onto blind faith, but I've been through too much as a Jets Fan to call it quits, jump ship, and get off the bandwagon.

For the second straight week, the Jets have gotten blown out. Not just by any team, but by the Miami Dolphins nonetheless. The final score was an embarrassing 30-3 loss, which not only was a loss; it officially ended the 8-win streak the Jets have held for quite some time. It has a lot of Fans all riled up, ready to end this Season due to what some consider a lack of confidence, playing with no heart, or just bad coaching. No matter what you think it is, you're of course entitled to your opinion, just like I am entitled to mine.


I still have the utmost confidence in the NY Jets. Some may say I'm holding onto blind faith, but I've been through too much as a Jets Fan to call it quits, jump ship, and get off the bandwagon. I will admit, it's incredibly tough to keep my head up considering the Jets have been outscored 74-10 in just a mere 2 weeks. But you know what? I still keep my head up, and even though it was hard as nails to even WATCH that Jets/Dolphins game considering they didn't even score a TD in that game, I have a gut feeling we may have just seen the worst of the Jets. Now let's see if we can start seeing some green sunshine, and who knows, it may all start in Jacksonville.


The Jacksonville Jaguars have some great players, I use to be a big fan of theirs back in the day. They have a good QB in Mark Brunell, a good RB in Fred Taylor, and a group of good WR's. It's not like a walk in the park, but I feel the Jets SHOULD be able to beat them and just start getting some momentum going. Look, it's the start of the Season, and we've only played 3 weeks out of a 16 week season. We haven't created a hole for ourselves that's deep enough for us to not be able to get out, we have 2 losses and a win so far, and if we can get things going this Sunday, we'll bounce back. So far in the AFC East, we have two undefeated teams in the Patriots and Dolphins. Then we have the Jets and Bills tied with 1 win and 2 losses each. Who knows what'll happen say 4 weeks from now going into November? All I'm saying is, God truly created the Jets to test the faithful. What kind of fan would just abandon his team after only a few weeks into the Season? Being from New York, I've experienced pretty much a bunch of testing times thanks to the guys who call themselves the Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Rangers, Islanders, Giants, and of course, Jets of New York. Every team goes through what we're going through, before the Rams became all high and mighty, they were a horrible team, and now look at them. Before the Patriots became SuperBowl Champions, they were the laughing stock of the NFL a few years ago. Every team in the NFL has had an embarrassing loss every now and them, and just because the Jets have had 2 embarrassing losses in a row, I'm still not going to give up on this team.


Go ahead and make fun all you want or say I'm just blinded by faith, but at least when HOPEFULLY this team turns things around, a few years from now I can still say even at the worst of times, I was still a Jets Fan. Even when we were torn apart by the "fish", I still stuck by this team. Finally, when the Jets win a SuperBowl again one of these years and all these bandwagon fans who made fun of the Team and said the J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK chant to us all in September start being hypocritical, me and a bunch more of diehard/never give up Jets Fans, will know who stayed from this team from the start and who didn't believe from the get go.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to make myself special or anything, I just say it like it is. I'm kinda annoyed that everybody is taking cheap shots at some of my favorite players, and even Coach Edwards himself. I'm not saying they shouldn't, I strongly believe everybody is entitled to their opinion, and long as they don't make fun of me in the process, I'll respect it always. I just think they're better ways to vent or release negativity instead of making fun of professional players, coaches, whatever. It's just how I feel.


Hopefully the next time I sit down to write another Column, I'll be able to have a smile on my face knowing that we rode out the Bills, took a hit from the Patriots, let the Dolphins sink us, and hopefully, taming the Jaguars :-)


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