The Strategy For Victory

Jacksonville has weapons, and weapons have shredded the Jets to pieces thus far. The New York Jets have a weak offense, and the Jaguars will try to obliterate it once again as they welcome Gang ‘Turmoil' to town.

Over the past few days their have been several match-ups that Jets coaches have been drilling into their players wits for Sunday‘s critical contest in Florida. These coverage's could effect the outcome of the game radically.

The main objective for the Jet ‘D' will be to not let quarter back Mark Brunell have copious time in the pocket to scrutinize his options. The eight year veteran has played well, throwing to the tune of a 100.9 rating along with four touchdowns.

Tight end Kyle Brady, who was selected in the first round with the ninth pick by the Jets in 1995, has not played a substantial role yet this season for the Jags. Though his numbers are not stunning, Mo Lewis and the rest of the line backing crew must keep his production to the bare minimum.

The Gang Green defensive line will need to create space allowing Sam Cowart and co. to get through and into the backfield. That will be imperative to keep the heat on.

Not only will that limit Brunell, but also Fred Taylor who, when healthy, is one of the most productive running backs in the game of football.

Taylor has never been doubted on his ability, just his injury prone body. The Florida graduate is coming of a 114 yard performance on the ground in week two against the Chiefs. He has the tools to bulldoze through the Jet defense like any other of the premeir backs in football.

Jets corner back Aaron Beasley along with the other secondary contributors must shut down wide receiver Jimmy Smith. The wide out has caught for over 1000 yards in each of the last six seasons.

Warning: he can be lethal and slice a defense apart.

Smith possesses lightening speed that gives him the capability to run deep, and that does not bode well for the Jets defense. If they can hold him to short gains they will be on the right path, a path that could lead to a win.

On the offensive side of the ball for Gang Green, the main thing that has seemed to plague them the most is their offensive line play. When the guys up front do not open holes, the backfield weapons are left for, well, road kill.

Larry Smith and Marcus Stroud will be lining up for the Jags against the interior of the Jet line that includes Machado, Mawae, and Randy Thomas. In general, their eleven sacks allowed ranks second worst in the league.

Walli Rainer, who played for Cleveland a season ago, will be manning the inside of a line backing crew for a team that could be defending a Curtis Martin-less team. The future Hall Of Famer may not play Sunday due to his ailing right ankle.

The Jets 239.7 yards per game is second worst in all of football to only the expansion Houston Texans. The sight of them participating in a battle without their star is spine-tingling.

Another ill-effect of the offensive going three and out so often is that your putting you're defense on the field way to often. That, in turn, will create a wear and tear than can only be cured by the offense eating up the clock.

Look for Jacksonville corners Fernando Bryant and Jason Craft, who Tom Coughlin said will play after being sidelined with a chest contusion, to be heavily involved in trying to force Vinny Testaverde to throw into double coverage.

Both teams have artillery armed and soon it will be time to see which ones can fight remorselessly and come away with a victory that the Jets would love to claim as theirs.

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