Kendall thinks Jets are afraid of precedent

Q)Have you regretted at all some of the things you have done in the past for the organization. All of the needles you took, have you stopped to think about that?

Kendall: That's a good question. I look back and I question the wisdom of the decisions certainly. But the best I can tell, I haven't suffered any permanent, debilitating, injury because of any decision made like that. I don't like to spend a lot of time worrying about nostalgia or regret or looking back. I don't know if I would make the same decisions again. That's hard for me, I have always considered myself to be that type of player so for the situation to come to this, that I even have questions about it, is upsetting to me.

Q)Was there a point early in the off-season where it looked like maybe Mike Tannenbaum was going to do what you wanted?

Kendall: Absolutely. That was the genesis of the meeting that I head with the Head Coach during the early part of March that came on the heels of a meeting between my agent and Mike.

I came down here to meet with coach under the impression that if he and I were on the same page, that the numbers were fine. To the best of my knowledge there has never been a counter offer, there has never been anything.

I absolutely thought that we were going to do this thing under the radar. That it was the best decision to let it go during the season, to approach them during the offseason. Not that there is that much downtime, but there is a right time and a wrong time to make a request such as the one that I made and I don't know what changed, what turned.

I felt as though that I had a hand-shake agreement with coach that if it wasn't going to work out that I could move along. I believe with every fiber of my being that that was the agreement.

Q)From your understanding of the meeting between Mike and Neil, what did Mike tell Neil in that meeting?

Kendall: My understanding is that we just had to have the coach sign off, essentially. That was the gist of what it was. Again, I hadn't been present in those meetings.

I was happy, I really was. I thought I had done the right things leading up to it, I had played well enough, we had gone about it the right way. All the body language indicated that we would do something quietly, I would be here during the offseason and there would be none of this going on. Obviously we all know the history of it, its gone 180 degrees.

Q)What did Mike tell Neil in their next meeting following the one you thought was going to lead to a new contract?

Kendall: Well, it was quite some time. I think that's when we started to hear the sensitivity about precedent. That's what we heard the most. Like I said, there has never been any discussion to the best of my knowledge about economics. I think, as I stated before, there never has been any debate whether the request is reasonable; it has been agreed to by the other side. What happened, maybe someday we will find out.

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