Tom Coughlin on the Jets

Jacksonville coach Tom Coughlin spoke to the New York media this week and gave his thoughts on Vinny Testaverde and the Jets

What have you seen from the Jets?


Man for man they are a very talented football team. I am not going to speculate on why their problems have occurred, but I do know that they had an outstanding preseason. They played well at Buffalo, won on the road. Those are things that I focus on.


What jumps out at you about the Jets Defense?


Man for man, I look at the talent, and I try to understand what has happened – what the problems are. I read all of the material just like you. They improved last week in Miami in the fact that some of the scoring came late. I just look at a team that has obviously given up some rushing yardage. Obviously Ricky Williams had a big second half. I think the turnovers were critical as they always are, so I try to balance that out with the field position that was created. I just see a team that has given up some points but is still a talented team.


Is it tougher to prepared for a team that you know is talented but that has been struggling?


I don't think so. Hopefully we're beyond that. We have a young team, and I talked to our team right away about what to focus on and what not to focus on. The rhetoric is not what to focus on, but to study them and see what qualities this team presents and all of the problems that are presented. To look at them from a point of field position and turnovers and the ability to run the ball and stop the run. Just like you do every week. I look at their outstanding return game and what has happened with regards to that. There is a team that takes the ball over, every time they drive the ball, on the 38-yard line. That is not too bad. There are a lot of things here that we study and we talk about. And we realized what has to be accomplished in order to win. We take great pride in our win a week ago, and we want to build on that.


Talk about the difference in Curtis Martin's stats this year, and the difference between him and LaMont Jordan?


I look at Curtis Martin and I think of the Curtis Martin that I know, a guy that has been the outstanding rusher that he has been. A workhorse, who runs with power, runs with speed, and seems to gain momentum as the game goes on. That is the Curtis Martin that I focus on. LaMont Jordan is a good young back, he is powerful, and he played well when called upon. Those are the guys we are preparing for.


When you look at the Jets do you buy into them being a better football team than they show?


We talk about the New York Jets or any football team with respect. We look at all of the details, we don't keep anything from them in terms of statistics or where our team is, or what they look like on film. We caution and are very knowledgeable of the NFL and the great purity that exists. Just to look at every Sunday and see what has happened in regards to the teams that win or lose, and so called surprises that occur. So it is very early in the season and we play at home. Those things are big factors in motivating us to try and get a win at home.


Do you see some rust coming off of Sam Cowart?


I've seen that. The guy is still tied for first in the league in tackles, or is right there for the lead in tackles. He is rapidly getting comfortable again in that defense and we see a strong linebacker core.


You saw Testaverde in the high point in his career when he beat you guys here. Do you see signs that Vinny is just not the same guy anymore?


We've played against Vinny over the years in three different uniforms. We've been able to compete against him many times. He's always been a playmaker. He was in rhythm in the offense in that particular time. And of course he was last year. I don't see that at all. I just see that they are not making a lot of plays right now on the offensive side of the ball, and that is what I see.

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