Mark Brunell on the Jets

The Jacksonville quarterback spoke to the New York media this week about the Jets, and former Jaguar Aaron Beasley

What do you see when you look at the film of the Jets' defense?


They've got talent. There is no question. Through and through they have got guys that can play football. Some of the things they do game-wise present a problem for us and things we have been trying to prepare for, but obviously their last couple of weeks have been difficult, and they are a professional football team with talent and experience. I'm sure it has been a difficult week for them. Everyone's been pretty hard on them. But coach Edwards is a good coach and a good man, knowing a lot of these guys on the Jets are quality guys and are gonna work hard and try to turn it around. I say all of that to say that we are certainly not taking the Jets lightly. We've got our work cut out for us. We know that, and I think it will be a good football game.


What is your experience about playing a team that is coming off of a blowout game – or two in a row?


Well we've been on the other end of that. We have been the team that has struggled. That is just sports in general, particularly in professional sports. You are upset; you have to prove people wrong when everyone is saying that you can't. You want to go out and prove that you can. And the Jets are in a situation that is no different. They are getting a lot of critics right now saying that they are not going to be a very good team, that there are problems here and problems there. We have been on that side of it before many times. You just want to go out and show that you can play football. And that is their mentality this week.


Can you talk about Vinny Testaverde?


They are 1-2. That is difficult right now, I'm sure he's getting a lot of the heat from you guys. Being out there in New York, I imagine it has been difficult. But from what I can tell almost 70% of his passes are completed, and there is no reason for anybody to think that he can't do it. He is a proven player, a Pro Bowl player who has been around for a long time. He is a very good football player, and an even better person. I know Vinny and respect him and admire him very much. If the Jets are in a hole, they are very fortunate to have a guy like Vinny Testaverde because if anyone can get you out of it, it's him. I just hope he doesn't decide to do it this week. I can't say enough about Vinny. To play at his level the way he has played, in his 16th year, it is remarkable.


Do you have any words for Aaron Beasley who is coming back to play you guys?


I like Aaron. He was great in our locker room, he was great on the field for us. He is another guy we would love to have here. But the Jets saw something in him. We miss him, he is a great person, but I just want him to stay away from all of my passes.

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