5 Questions with Vinny Testaverde

Vinny Testaverde spoke somberly to the media today about the quarterback change.

Q: How disappointing is this for you?


Testaverde: It's disappointing, but I felt like it was coming, just talking to some of the guys on the plane last night. I've been in this situation before, back in Cleveland when we weren't winning. I was actually the AFC player of the month and I was still benched the week after. It starts at the top and kind of works its way down. The way to get the attention of the players is to start with the quarterback.


Q: You understand it's business as Herm was saying, but how much does it sting?


Testaverde: Anyone that's a competitor that has pride, it's gonna bother them a little bit. But as much as it bothers me I know we have to go out and win football games and as I said, no matter if it's on the field or on the sideline, I'm going to continue to help this team in any way possible. For me right now, that's to help Chad because he has limited experience and I can share some things with him that hopefully will help this team win games.


Q: What went wrong with you in there that you couldn't get the team into the end zone, you couldn't produce, after what the expectations were?


Testaverde: The same things you saw yesterday, and we have to continue to work at those things and correct them. It's not intentional but you sit here and ask me why couldn't you do this, why couldn't you do that. It's not you, it's we, and that's what everybody has to realize. And I don't mean you, I mean the players. They have to realize that and the sooner we stop making these mistakes, the quicker we're going to turn this thing around.


Q: In all your years have you ever been through three games like this? Also, the expectations and optimism of the preseason that was only a month ago. It seems like much longer.


Testaverde: Yeah, it does seem longer than that. The one thing we have to realize is that we still have a long season left to be played, and a lot of good can happen. But in all my years, as bad as some of the situations I've been in over the years, it's never started out this bad and this ugly before. You can be around for a long time, but you can never say that you've seen it all.


Q: Do you think your days as a starting quarterback in this league are over?


Testaverde: I'm not going to predict that. Chad can take one snap and I'm back in there. I have to prepare myself as the starter, even though I'm not right now. But it's certainly a different role for me, and I'll do the best that I can to be ready and help this team win.

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