5 Questions with Chad Pennington

Chad Pennington talks about taking over the reigns

Q: Did you suspect this decision was coming?


Pennington: I knew after the game that whatever decision was made, we had to support it as a team 100-percent. Right now it's about the Jets and what we can do to get this thing rolling in the right direction and start winning some games. Unfortunately in this business sometimes it all falls on the quarterback. But that is not going to change my and Vinny's relationship and it's not going to change how we approach the game and how we support each other.


Q: This has been Vinny's locker room for a number of years. How will you deal with that and will you try to win over the team?


Pennington: Well, talk is cheap, so after today there's not going to be anymore talking. There has to be action out on the field. As a quarterback, especially in this league, if you want respect from your teammates, you have to play well on the field and help them win football games. I understand that and that's my goal.


Q: What was your reaction when Herm told you?


Pennington: Obviously you get those feelings of, here we go, this is my chance. But really and truly, I'm totally focused on what we can do as a team. I'm not focused on me or this is my opportunity to show or prove what I'm made of. This is an opportunity for us to show what we're made of as a team. We're in a hole right now, one that we definitely can come out of, and we will. We're gonna show that.


Q: Watching the last three games, what do you think went wrong for Vinny?


Pennington: I don't think you can necessarily pinpoint it. And you can't necessarily pinpoint it on Vinny. I think that's totally unfair. Sometimes in this game you just don't get it done as a team, and it's a total team effort. Right now I think we may be taking our turns making mistakes, from a quarterback on down to every position. When you have little mistakes, and you add them all up at the end of the game, you have a whole bunch of mistakes. We have to eliminate those and go out and have some fun and just play ball.


Q: What kid of quarterback should the fans expect to see on Sunday?


Pennington: We're going to get the ball in the end zone. Like I said Sunday night, a quarterback is judged on how he can get the ball in the end zone. That's all I'm focused about. I'm not focused about how pretty it looks, how many completions I have, or how many touchdown passes I throw. It's about putting points on the board and having the Jets get their second win.

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