Will Thomas Jones play?

Will tailback Thomas Jones play this Sunday? It's very hard to say right now, and the Jets are exceedingly tight-lipped about it.

The media is allowed to watch the first 30 minutes of practice.

During that time on Monday and Wednesday, Jones wasn't very active. He spent most of the time talking strategy with running back coach Jimmy Raye. He did take a few handoffs and ran straight through a pair of cones. He didn't cut, and there were no defenders.

The bottom line is that nobody in the media could possible discern whether he is going to play or not based on this activity.

The only way any reporter is going to find out if Jones will play on Sunday, is if they can get his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, to leak the information. After Jones suffered the injury, a few writers were able to get Rosenhaus to spill the beans on what was exactly wrong with the runner. Surely Mike Tannenbaum and Eric Mangini were livid at the barrister for doing this, and probably let him know that.

Don't expect another leak this time around.

The Jets have a difficult dilemma here. If a player comes back too quickly from a calf strain or pull, the player can easily suffer a setback that will put him back to square one. It's generally a 4-6 week injury, and we are about the four week mark.

New England has one of the most physical defenses in the league, and Jones as almost no chemistry with the Jets offensive line. He has missed the last month, and in that time, the team inserted a new left guard - Jacob Bender.

Considering all these factors, to play Jones, against New England, might be a bad idea. It's a long season, and they are going to need him for the long haul.

The Jets brass likely knows already whether Jones is going to play on Sunday, so if you hear any of that "game-time" decision talk, it's probably just that, talk.

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