Jets left guard spot up in the air

The status of tailback Thomas Jones for the Jets opener against New England this Sunday isn't the only big question about Gang Green's line-up. Another one is - Who is going to start at left guard?

It's either going to be former Philadelphia Eagle Adrian Clarke or rookie Jacob Bender.

The feeling here is that it's going to be Clarke. While Bender has more of an upside, Clarke has a lot more experience at left guard.

Clarke started four games at left guard for the Philadelphia Eagles two years ago. He also started at the position for three years at Ohio State.

Bender has never started a "real" game at left guard, only a couple in the preseason with the Jets.

Bender never played guard in college. He played offensive tackle for Nicholls State. In fact, he only became a guard mid-way through training camp.

Plus the 6-5, 330 pound Clarke is a little more stout, and physically developed than the 6-6, 320 pound Bender. This should come in handy dealing with the Patriots enormous nose tackle - Vince Wilfork.

So while Bender will likely land the Jets left guard spot in the near future, we think that Clarke is going to start this Sunday against the Patriots.

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