JC Exclusive - Pats accused of taping signals

It's no secret the Jets and Patriots are two organizations that aren't on the best of terms. And after the stunt the Patriots reportedly pulled at the Meadowlands on Sunday, the relationship might have just taken a turn for the worse.

According to a Meadowlands source, a member of the Patriots organization, with a credential issued by the team, was spotted by Jets security chief Steve Yarnell shooting video near the New York bench.

And according to the stadium source, when questioned by Yarnell, the unnamed individual said that he was put up to it by the Patriots.

The cameraman was reportedly accused by Yarnell of shooting the Jets' signals that were being sent by the coaches from the sidelines.

The source says that the NFL is being made aware of this accusation.

If this is true, the Patriots could be subject to a serious punishment from the league office.

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