"It ALL starts now"

It's October already and 4 weeks into the Season, the Jets are 1-3. Earlier this week, the NY Jets made the change many Jets Fans have been waiting for years to happen. Coach Edwards benched QB Vinny Testaverde to make way for QB Chad Pennington, his era begins this Sunday. Was it a smart move to bench Testaverde?

 I honestly believe that Testaverde is class from head to toe, and since he hasn't played all too well, he knew it was imminent. I remember during the Offseason he even said if he wasn't playing well, he'd take himself out of the game. So it only makes sense that this change take place, Pennington DESERVES this chance. He's been here for 3 years and hasn't caused ANY headaches at all about his playing time. Plus in an act of camaraderie, Testaverde himself gave the thumbs up to Chad and hoped he would revitalize this dismal offense. It's been 4 games already and we've only scored 3 Offensive TD's, we need a spark. We need some kind of energy to start picking our heads up so we can start getting some wins in our column. I strongly believe Pennington is the answer, he will finally get this team into the endzone. I for one support Chad Pennington and am hoping that he gets this Offense out of its slump and turns some negatives into positives.


What makes a Fan simply a Fan? Easy, he/she supports their team through thick and thin, and never turns their back on them. They never take cheap shots at players or coaches and vent their frustrations through whatever means other than cursing them out. Honestly, I'm sick and tired of hearing Fans complain about how the Jets should fire Coach Edwards and that they were glad to see Vinny go down to make way for Chad. Football is a team game, and I firmly believe that the FANS are part of the team too. If you own a Jets hat, a Jets jersey, or just say you're a Jets Fan, you are one of us. Just because this team has gone from bad to worst in a span of a few weeks is NO REASON to start throwing in the towel or just losing hope. If that were the case, then there wouldn't be sports anywhere in the world, players would just quit. It's bad enough they've lost 3 games in a row, and all 3 were blowouts, to make it even worst. Then we have these so-called Fans who just make things go from worst to no class, in some cases, utter stupidity. I personally am going to the NY Jets/Kansas City Chiefs game and unlike some people who say they're Fans of the NY Jets, I'm going to go and SUPPORT this team. I'm going to scream my brains out until I lose my voice encouraging this team on each and every single down. I don't care if we're 1-3 or went 0-4, I refuse to quit on this team and start talking about the Draft already. It's ONLY October!!!


If you're like me, then just keep your head up and keep on wearing your Jets jerseys, hats, whatever. Support this team people. The other day I saw a guy wearing a Curtis Martin Jersey and an all green Jets hat and I said to him, "Nice to see I'm not alone" since I too was wearing a Jets hat. He just told me he's amazed at all the fans who've been calling ESPN Radio and tons of other Sports Radio Shows saying that Hackett should be shot and that Edwards couldn't coach his way out of a phone book directory. I just told him what I've been saying for weeks now "Don't give up on this team, better days are ahead" and he just said "Cool man, hope so" then he went on his merry way. It's nice to know the way I view things is not just seen through my eyes, lots of people are like me when it comes to believing.


Curtis Martin will be Curtis Martin VERY soon, possibly on Sunday. He hasn't broken 100 yards in yards gained yet, but he'll get back into the mix. May I remind you, he's been playing WHILE injured. That speaks volumes, just because he's not 100% but at LEAST tries to play, is no reason to say he's done for. Wayne Chrebet gave every Jets Fan a heart attack when he was slow to get up in that Jacksonville game, but he came back into the game. He just didn't give up. Vinny Testaverde was a MAN and accepted the fact that he didn't play good at all and that Chad Pennington deserved the shot at the helm of the NY Jets, and he encouraged the change. Coach Edwards has only been sleeping 3 hours a night ever since Week 2, working as hard as possible to just fix this team and get this team going the way it can go. Chad Morton has been putting up INSANE numbers of yards in Special Teams, and even though his team is 1-3, he still gives everything 110% whenever he returns kicks. If they aren't giving up, why should we, as Jet Fans, give up? They haven't quit, if they did, they wouldn't bother to suit up every Sunday. Coach Edwards wouldn't show up to work and wouldn't bother wasting time studying film, going over the playbook, or finding ways to help this team. So why should we stop cheering on this team just because of the way they've been playing?


May I remind you, this team is called the NEW YORK Jets. See what stands out? Exactly, NEW YORK. This is the city that NEVER sleeps. Us New Yorkers are known to not just quit in the face of adversity. We've seen the good and the worst in Sports History in this great city, why should now be any different?


Stand by this team and I promise you will not regret it. It all starts somewhere, and if the Jets can get a spark on Sunday, we might make that spark brighter. We may make that spark bigger. We may make that spark the energy to make us win every single game from here on in. Ladies & Gentleman, lets give the Jets the knowledge that we're here, and we're not silent. Boys & Girls, lets give the Jets the fact that we REFUSE TO GIVE UP and know whatever is going wrong with this team, they can fix it and improve. Jets Fans all around the world, unite as one and lets show everyone that we mean business. With the good comes the bad and with the bad comes the good, if anything can be said, we'll be there no matter what.


Even if I have to stand on top of the Empire State Building and scream what I'm about to say all by myself, I'll do it throughout the night, SAY IT WITH ME…….







JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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