Mangini opens up about Patriots penalty

Q)Coach, what are your thoughts on the commissioner's ruling regarding the Patriots?

Mangini: What I can say is that I respect the commissioner's decision and anything associated to the decision is really a league matter.

Q)What do you think of all the jaded fans based on the spying incident?

Mangini: Anything related to this investigation or any anything surrounding the investigation, associated with it, it's a league-related matter.

Q)Are you disappointed that fans think way?

Mangini I appreciate that you need to ask the question. Being associated with the investigation, I hope you respect that I really said all I can say about it.

Q)It's a league matter, but it is a matter that concerns you. Has the league instructed you not to talk about it?

Mangini: Anything that come up between teams or is related to the teams or is related is handled by the league. We respect the league's decision.

Q)Can you at least state the organization is happy that some justice has been served?

Mangini: I understand that interest in this. I appreciate that. But anything with that matter, I really - that's all I can really add.

Q)Can you say whether or not you got phone calls this week from other coaches supporting you in this matter against New England?

Mangini: Again, it's the same. Anything surrounding this case: really I've said all I can say.

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