Dan goes inside the Ravens with top insider?

1)Why does Ray Lewis thinks it's a good idea to rip teammates publicly. He blasted the offense to Sal Pal after the Bengals game . . .

Aaron Wilson: Ray Lewis is an extremely egocentric, arrogant guy, but that was mild criticism coming from him and it has already blown over in the locker room. He's very close with Steve McNair, and I don't see any problems in their relationship. Ray Ray was more concerned about milking the injury to his arm and playing up his "warrior" status. Yes, he played well, but he tried to turn it into something legendary by lying to Sal Pal about the severity of his arm injury.

2)How big a loss is Adalius Thomas, or do you see very little dropoff in this unit?

Wilson: It's significant, but Jarret Johnson has excelled so far. He had the lone sack of Carson Palmer and notched five tackles. He's a tough, gritty kid whom the coaching staff and his teammates have a lot of confidence in.

3)How much much longer can Steve McNair be effective - it seems his body is about to say enough already?

Wilson: It looks like the Steve McNair era is going to last at least this year and next. Yes, he's definitely wearing down, but he's not quite through yet.

4)Can the Jets exploit the Ravens offensive tackles (Terry and Yanda)?

Wilson: They will have a better chance of exploiting Marshal Yanda, a rookie coming off a three-penalty outing.

5)The Bills were more than happy to dump Willis McGahee - do the Ravens see a lot more in him than the Bills do?

Wilson: He's doing really well so far even though he has kind of a me-first attitude and isn't the sharpest guy around. Skill-wise and attitude-wise, he's been an upgrade so far over Jamal Lewis. That said, he hasn't played against a good defense yet. My personal one-man jury remains out on him. They should have given him the ball on the goal line last week, but Brian Billlick's play-calling was horrendous.

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