Edwards thoughts on Sunday's game

For the most part it was a pretty good week for us emotionally. We got our adrenaline going again in the last two days. We are having fun and that is the most important thing that we have to do now—go out there and have fun playing football, not worrying about the situation we have put ourselves in.

What kind of perceptions are there surrounding the game?


Oh, I don't know.  I don't worry about that.  I'm going to worry about the players and how they go into the stadium and play.  The fans are disappointed but the players are disappointed too.  We just have to do play.  We can't worry about that.  We have enough to worry about with the Chiefs.  We play the Chiefs.  We have to mentally get ready to go play those guys, and play well.  And have one of our better games. 


What do you have to do about Gonzalez?


You have to be concerned because they are just going to throw the ball to him.  And he can jump up over guys because he is so athletic.  We understand that, and there are some things we are going to try to get done.  I am not going to sit here and tell you exactly what those are because they are probably going to read the paper tomorrow.  I don't want to tell them.  There are some things we are going to try to get done with that, see if we can orchestrate when we play.  But we are concerned about him, there is no doubt about it.      

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