Post-game conversation with Kellen Clemens

Q)Why was the offense so much better in the fourth quarter?

Clemens: I think offensively the fourth quarter was out best quarter. We needed to score, and we needed to score quick. Jericho had two big receptions, and we moved the football and got back in the game.

Q)What do you do down the stretch that was so effective?

Clemens: We has a shotgun down the stretch. The no-huddle offense helped us and we had to do it. There was an extreme sense of urgency. It's good to see us compete that way.

Q)What was it like to face the Ravens defense?

Clemens: They were everything they were talked up to be, that's for sure. They're very talented. Ed Reed flying around back there making plays in the secondary, and Ray Lewis and that defensive line. They are very talented and kept us in check most of the game.

Q)What happened on the Justin McCareins pass in the end zone?

Clemens: It was just a general read, and there was a defensive back trailing one of our receivers, and Justin came open at the last minute. He ran a great route and was in the right spot. I rushed the throw a little bit, and it was costly.

Q)You seemed to get more comfortable in the fourth quarter . . .

Clemens: As the game grew on, I got more and more comfortable. My play in the first half was not what it should have been. And by the second half, things slowed down a little bit and I calmed down, and we were able to move the football.

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