Trent Green on the Jets

The Chiefs quarterback spoke to the New York media this week about Chad Pennington, the Jets' defense, and on getting revenge for last year's thrashing.

On the Jets defense:


"The one thing that sticks in all of our minds is what they did to us last year. We came into the Meadowlands last year, and the Jets just put it on us. We didn't run the ball well, we didn't throw the ball well. They had pressure on us, they caused problems all day, for a number of different reasons, their defense just did a number on us. We still have a lot of guys that remember what happened, and even though things haven't come together for them these last few weeks, we know how potent of a defense they can be. They've lost a lot of guys. You look at the expansion draft, and you look at salary cap moves, they've lost a lot of guys. It's a veteran group. You look at some of the additions they made, they're veteran guys, guys that are six, seven, eight years in the league, and we still have to be prepared because of what they did to us last year. We have to be prepared for that game plan, and we also have to be prepared for some of the stuff they've added this year with the new personnel.


On wanting to avenge last year's loss:


"I wouldn't use those words, I would just say that we just want to pick up where we've been for the last few weeks. We had a great deal of success against New England. Even though we lost that game, offensively we were able to move the ball and this past week against Miami we had a good deal of success as well. We just want to keep things rolling in terms of offense, and whether it be, in the New England game Priest had 180 yards rushing, but this last game against Miami, it was more heavily in the passing game. Whatever way we can get it done, we're just looking to keep our production at a high level.


On Chad Pennington's first NFL start:


"He's had a much different road than me, so I can't really compare. I was an eighth round pick and it took me about six years to get a start. I'm sure it's going to be tough, with it being his first start, but I really haven't focused on him too much. Today was the first day that I found out they were going to start him over Testaverde, and I wasn't real sure if it was an injury-related thing to Vinny, or if it was more of a production thing because of the lack of scoring that the offense has had the last few weeks."

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