Selena Roberts blasts Mangini

New York Times sports columnist Selena Roberts believes Eric Mangini is as big a villain in "Spy-gate," as the man behind the crime - Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Based on the tone of her column, and her praise for Robert Kraft, you have to wonder if the Pats owner spoon-fed her angles for the piece, off-the-record.

"There is Coach Hoodie, and then there is Coach Hoodwink," wrote Roberts in Tuesday's New York Times. "Coach Hoodie is the Patriots Bill Belichick He answers with growls, is hardwired to be ruthless, and would have lost a congeniality contest to the dearly departed Leona Helmsley. He comes as is: obsessive, cold, and brazen enough to have cheated with his video spy games out in the open of a sideline.

"Coach Hoodwink is the Jets Eric Mangini. He replies to questions in his library voice, visits Sesame Street in his downtime and readily reveals his soft, fatherly side. He comes off as duplicitous: paranoid, brutal, and nakedly ambitious enough to have double-crossed the organization that nurtured his career.

"Mangini didn't just flip on Belichick, costing his former mentor a celebrated image that has been reflected in a shelf-full of Lombardi Trophies, as well as a $500,000 fine and a prime draft pick. He did more. He also humiliated the respected Patriots owner and league power player Robert K. Kraft.

"That sin has left Mangini toxic to some team executives. After all, would you trust him? Is there anyone — a player, assistant, general manager, owner or mascot — that he wouldn't betray in a pinch?"

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