Part 1 with Dolphin Insider Alain Poupart

1)The Dolphins offensive line was a big question mark entering the year. How are they doing so far?

Alain - Dolphin Digest: They're doing decent, which is probably as good as can be expected. There haven't been many holes opened in the running game so far, but the pass protection has been pretty good. Put it this way, the offensive line isn't the biggest reason they've been bad on offense so far this year.

2)How you assess the play of Trent Green through two games?

Alain: Good and bad. He was the Dolphins' player of the week for the opener in Washington when he played really well, then was absolutely atrocious (four picks, one fumbled snap) against Dallas. The one thing that stands out to me is that his passes take a long time getting to the target, which means if he's off target by a little or the receiver isn't open, there's a major danger for interceptions.

3)How is Ronnie Brown dealing with surprising platoon with Jesse Chatman?

Alain: Ronnie Brown has always demonstrated a happy-go-luck persona since he joined the Dolphins, and that hasn't changed even now that he's splitting time with Jesse Chatman. Brown said before the start of the regular season that Cam Cameron throwing the starting job open for competition did provide a little extra motivation, but still tried to downplay the whole thing. The bottom line is Brown never looks like a guy who gets mad or fired up about anything, regardless of what he may be feeling inside.

4)After struggling in the preseason, how is Ted Ginn progressing?

Alain: Not nearly as quickly as the Dolphins would like. Through two games, Ginn has yet to catch a pass on offense and he still looks on kick returns as though he's hesitating a little as opposed to just hitting the hole at full speed. The bottom line is he hasn't made nearly the kind of impact so far that the team needed from a player picked ninth overall in the draft.

5)After his ridiculous holdout, 2006 first round pick, defensive back Jason Allen was a non-factor as a rookie. Has that changed in Year Two?

Alain: Nope. Here's how low Allen is on the totem pole. Through two games, the Dolphins have used eight different defensive backs at one point or another, but Allen has done nothing but play special teams. The sad truth is if it weren't for his salary and his draft status, he might not have made the team this year.

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