Billick apologizes for comments about Jets

On Monday, Ravens coach Brian Billick criticized the Jets for forcing several off-sides penalties by defenders barking out fake defensive signals. On Wednesday, he backed away from his comments.

"I was being critical of the officiating," Billick said. "It had nothing to do with Eric Mangini. I was more upset that they were doing it better than we were. We all do it. The official usually gets on it right away and stops it.

"That's all I was saying. It's not fair to Eric. Eric didn't deserve the grief he got for that. That was not my intention."

"I apologize for being that naive. I kind of get myself bunkered in and had no idea it created that. Those that misinterpreted it, I apologize if it was me.

"Those that did so purposefully have their own agenda. I have huge respect for the man and I feel badly if someone's been put in that position that I created a little difficulty for him because he did not deserve that."

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