Part 1 - Q-and-A with Dan Leberfeld

Here is a Q-and-A with Jets Confidential publisher Dan Leberfeld -

Q. What's the mood in Jets camp in light of their 0-2 start?

Leberfeld: They have mood lighting in the locker room. No, seriously, I've never been good at assessing team moods. The Jets are a pretty even-keeled team like their coach, not getting too high after wins, or too low after losses. I don't sense any change in their mood.

Q. What's your take on Brian Billick accusing the Jets of cheating last week (by having their defensive players bark out a cadence)?

Leberfeld: A lot of teams do that. Is it ethical? Probably not, but it's very common. It's up to the officials to call a penalty on it. A lot of teams will push the envelop on this until they are flagged. If you want to avoid it all together, go to a silent snap count.

Q. Do you expect Chad Pennington to be able to go against the Dolphins, and can you provide a quick scouting report on Kellen Clemens in case he can't?

Leberfeld: I think Pennington will be able to go. He has made great progress from the severly sprained ankle he suffered against New England in the opener. He could have played last week, but it wouldn't have been wise to play him against the Ravens' attacking, talented front seven, considering the Jets offensive line is struggling.

Clemens has a great arm, and is very poised for a young player. Last week against Baltimore, in his first start, he struggled in the first half, but then the game slowed down for him in the second half, and he played a lot better.

The Jets are in great shape now at the quarterback spot with two terrific signal-callers -- Pennington and Clemens.

Q. Big offseason acquisition Thomas Jones has paltry rushing numbers after two games; is that because of his training camp injury, the teams the Jets faced or a combination of both?

Leberfeld: As you said, he missed most of camp with an injury (calf), and the first game he was very rusty, and also was facing a very solid New England run defense. In Baltimore, he looked a lot better against another very good front seven. He seems to have shaken off the cobwebs, and should be ready for a big game on Sunday.

Q. Laveranues Coles has been a Dolphins killer through the years; how has he looked so far this season?

Leberfeld: He has looked very good. He's amazingly tough, and to describe his hands as strong would be an understatement. He is excellent on fade routes because of his ability to snatch the ball out of the air in tight quarters, and win tug-of-wars with defensive backs. He and Pennington have great chemistry, so Chad coming back is good news for Coles.

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