A conversation with Chad Pennington

Q)Can you talk about the Chris Baker touchdown catch?

Pennington: It was an unbelievable catch that gave us a lot of momentum going into halftime. That was a huge play. This guy just keeps coming up with big, big plays, week in and week out.

Q)What did you think of the ovation you got when you took the field?

Pennington: I love Jet fans. They are passionate, loyal. They really appreciate when players play with heart and physical toughness and really give it all they have. Ever since I have been here that has always been my goal, no matter what the situation, to give it all I have. It was nice. I really enjoyed it and I appreciated it.

Q)Why did you keep the ball after the Chris Baker touchdown?

Pennington: Chris gave me the ball because he wanted to keep it. He had to go on field goal. That was not a special moment for me, I was just doing what I was told.

Q)Were you too fired up on the first drive?

Pennington: On that first series I had to calm myself down. I felt like I was going through my reads too quick. I went over to the sidelines and re-grouped. I had to just stick with my reads, be patient and not move through the game too fast. Things worked out.

Q)What did you say to Wayne Chrebet at halftime?

Pennington: He means a lot to this organization, and a lot to me. He caught my first touchdown pass as a rookie out in Oakland. This guy is the epitome of how you want to play this game – with energy, passion and heart. This guy would go across the middle and just get banged around like a pinball machine and still come up with the ball. On third down, you knew the ball was going to #80, the opponent knew the ball was going to #80, and he would still come up with it.

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