5 Questions with Chad Pennington

Chad Pennington spoke to the New York media today about his performance against the Chiefs on Sunday.

Does the bye week come at a good time?


I think the bye week allows us to heal up, and get some players back to help make big plays for us.  It helps win games and get in rhythm with each other.  Hopefully well have a fresh new start.  We have 11 games scheduled, but we really have a one game schedule.  We can only look at one game at a time.  We can't look at the big picture right now.  We have to look at the smaller details of it and realize that our next test is the Minnesota Vikings and we have to take one step at a time. 


What are your emotions today?


I just feel like I left some plays out there.  I'm excited about where we are headed, and the direction we are headed in, but I am disappointed in the yards and the big plays that I left out there that I could have made for us. 



Do you have an answer for the fact that no 1-4 team has ever gone on to win a Super Bowl? What do you say to Jet fans who think the season is over?


Jet fans just need to believe and come out with the same energy and excitement that they did Sunday—believe in us, and not get down about the situation.  Come in with a good, positive attitude and be typical Jets fans—blue-collar fans that come to watch good football and are excited about their team.


What did you like best about your performance?


I liked the fact that I was into the game and excited about playing the game of football and that I was comfortable in the position.  I never felt like I was out of my element.  I always felt like I was in the game and I was in control.  I never felt out of control. 


What is the one throw you would like back?


There are a couple of throws—a couple to Laveranues. There was one in the end zone and one on the sideline.  Six inches inside and he catches it and runs for the TD.  And that is 14 points that I left out there.  Even the pass across the middle to Laveranues was high—I didn't give him a chance to run with it.  It's just the little details.  We'll get those things ironed out and just keep playing.  Things will work out for us. 

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