Chad Pennington's post-game presser

Q)What did you think of the Bills defensive game plan today?

Pennington: They are a bend but don't break defense. That's their mentality and they're trying to stay on top of all the deep vertical routes and make us gain our yards the hard way and they also did a good job in the running game. They were very effective in stopping our run.

Q)What happened on the first interception? Was it a miscommunication?

Pennington: Yes, that's what it was. Then the DB did a good job of reading the footwork that I had and he set down and I was just trying to push it outside and he ended up going outside.

Q)The Bills secondary was depleted with injuries. Are you surprised you couldn't do more against them?

Penningon: Yeah, it's disappointing when you lose I feel like we had a good gameplan going in and we knew what we needed to do to win. Anytime you play this defense you make it difficult upon yourself when you don't get a lead. They are very good when they get a lead cause they can pass rush they can do the things they like to do best, which is pass rush, play back and play soft zone and don't give up any big plays and that's what they were doing.

Q)What are you thoughts on being 1-3?

Pennington: Well it's very difficult. You certainly don't imagine yourself starting off like this but this is the position we're in and the answer lies within our own locker room. We got to do a really good job this week looking at the tape and correcting our mistakes and moving on. In this league there are no ‘gimme' wins and wins that come easy. You have to earn everything you get so we have to learn from this as a team and move on.

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