Jets Nation needs to look at the real issues

There is always so much anger and finger-pointing by fans and reporters after a disappointing loss. And sometimes reasoning goes by the wayside.

And that is what is going on in many quarters after the Jets loss to Buffalo on Sunday.

Gang Green's season isn't close to being over at 1-3. After New England and Indianapolis in the AFC, there is a colossal drop-off.

Some people might want to put Pittsburgh in that elite group, but their 3-0 start was a byproduct of their schedule. Their loss to Arizona on Sunday clearly points out how mediocre they are.

So the Jets are in that mediocre second tier of AFC teams like Oakland, San Diego, Denver, Tennessee, Baltimore and Jacksonville.

Don't be shocked if there is an AFC team, with a 7-9 or 8-8 record, that makes the playoffs as a Wildcard.

So that is why it's crazy to write the Jets season off at 1-3.

It looks like many of us, including myself, might have overrated the Jets. They aren't a bad team, but are clearly very average.

And they have some major issues to deal with, even if they want to finish 8-8 or 7-9.

And Chad Pennington isn't one of them. So many people in the Jets Nation love to point their finder at him after losses. This one wasn't on him people.

Chad was 32 of 39 passing. Yes, he threw two interceptions. That is going to happen, but for some reason a lot of people like to put every pick this guys throws under the microscope. And it would have been helpful if Justin McCareins attempted to knock down that errant throw at the end.

Chad took what the Bills zone defense was giving him, and he did have four excellent throws down field for all those "noodle" brains who like to constantly question his arm.

He had two 28-yard passes to Jerricho Cotchery placed perfectly between linebackers and defensive backs. He also threw a 26-yard rocket to Brad Smith, and a 17-yard fade down the left sideline to Laveranues Coles.

People who attack Pennington just don't get it. He is way down on the Jets list of problems. Here are some issues way ahead of the quarterback –

1)Pass rush from the outside linebackers (very important in the 3-4).

2)Dewayne Robertson is a terrific player, but not a 3-4 nose tackle.

3)Ben Graham's punting is way too inconsistent. Graham's 30-yard punt in the third quarter gave the Bills great field position, and they ended up driving for a touchdown.

4)The coverage units on special teams need to improve, though they got a little better against Buffalo.

5)The inconsistency of the offensive line which forces one of the Jets best weapons in the passing game, tight end Chris Baker, to stay in a lot.

6)The lack of a wide receiver with blazing speed to stretch defenses.

There you have six pressing issues. It's time to stop dissecting every rare mistake by Pennington. It's unfair and childish.

And time to focus on what really ills this team.

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