Q-and-A with Mangini about Coleman injury

Q)Will safety Erik Coleman be out for Sunday's game against the Giants?

Mangini: We take concussions extremely seriously. He'll be out for practice today and we'll see how it goes through the rest of the week.

Q)Do you know the exact point during the game where Coleman suffered the concussion?

Mangini: The exact point, I'm not sure. It didn't really manifest itself until later on.

Q)Did you ever come out of the game with the injury?

Mangini: No, he did not.

Q)How is Eric Smith progressing?

Mangini: Eric is like the rest of that rookie class. I've seen a lot of strides. The early part of the season, he was hampered by the injury from training camp (hamstring). Up until that point, I thought he was doing a really nice job. I like his ball skills and his ability to play in the deep part of the field. He's got good size, so he can play down in the box as well. One of the things we liked about him in college and last year was his ability to tackle effectively and that gives you a good box presence, but he also has above average ball skills and you don't always find that combination.

Q)How seriously does the organization take concussions in terms of protecting players?

Mangini: We spent a lot of time in the off-season reviewing, not just the in-­game protocol for evaluating concussions, but the protocol after the fact and I feel very good about the amount of time and effort that we've worked at this as a medical staff and as an organization. We are doing a lot of work on spinal cord injuries and we are continuing to develop a protocol for in-game (injuries), should that happen.

Q)What have you guys learned to improve the protocol?

Mangini: There is protocol in place and we go through a series of tests on the sideline with the medical staff. Then the coaching staff goes through a series of tests. Even if they're cleared medically, they completely understand what they're supposed to do in the game. There are different layers to guarantee that if someone has been cleared, he's gone through as much preparation or as much due diligence as possible.

Q)Was Coleman tested during the Buffalo game for a concussion? Mangini: Any time a player has an issue, we always go through that protocol. This was something that actually developed after the game in terms of the symptoms and things like that.

Q)Was anyone aware that Coleman had suffered a concussion during the game?

Mangini: It was really post-game where it became much more apparent.

Q)Did Coleman contact you to let him you know he had a concussion?

Mangini: After the flight home.

Q)Do you find it discouraging that a player would not make you aware of their condition right away?

Mangini: I don't think it's a function of discouraging or not discouraging. It's a function of everybody trying to make sure that player safety is put at the top priority. It's something that you work together on at all times.

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