Disaster Averted

The comments made by safety Damien Robinson on Monday could have been the splinter that divided the team, but in the locker room today, it appeared to have little negative effect.

Herm Edwards addressed the team and Robinson about the comments, and said it was now a dead issue. Some of the players seemed to put the onus on the media for blowing the issue out of proportion, and DE John Abraham said the media often adds and subtracts words to make a quote sound worse.


Only one player appeared to be upset with Robinson's comments. In an article in today's Star-Ledger, Dave Hutchinson quoted an unnamed source saying,


"D-Rob (Robinson) needs to shut his mouth. He's had two decent games since he's been here and he's going to start telling Teddy (Cottrell) how to run the defense? What is that? Maybe if he had tried to tackle Priest Holmes (on the game winning play) we could've held them to a field goal or forced a fumble. Look at the film, he ran right by Holmes at the three-yard line."


The player went on to defend Cottrell and alluded to the fact that the defensive coordinator was not running his style of defense.


"Herm can't leave Teddy hanging out to dry like that. It's not Teddy's fault guys aren't tackling or playing the defense correctly. Besides, Teddy is running Herm's defense. This isn't Teddy's defense."


The Jet coaches will be self-scouting this week, evaluating their players to determine whether the defensive breakdowns are a matter of the wrong scheme, the wrong technique, or just player mistakes. Edwards said he will work more on fundamentals and improving the Jets play, and put less focus on their upcoming opponent, Minnesota.


WR Wayne Chrebet was not on the practice field today and continues to rest his injured knee. G J.P. Machado did not practice today, but his sprained ankle is not as bad as originally thought, and he could return to practice later in the week. LB Mo Lewis sat out today to rest his sore hip, which continues to bother him. RB Curtis Martin was given today's practice off, and DE Steve White missed another practice with a sprained right ankle. CB Jamie Henderson will have season ending shoulder surgery on Friday. RB LaMont Jordan left practice today after banging his left knee, but it is not serious. T Chris Smith and LB Marvin Jones got into a shoving match during practice today, but it did not escalate into anything more serious. The Jets brought G Faaesea Mailo back to the practice squad today.

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