Pennington speaks

Q)Chad are you concerned about your job security after the last two games?

Pennington: I don't have any concern. My whole concern is me and what I can do to get better and become a better quarterback.

Q)How do you feel about your performance against the Giants?

Pennington: I see plays out there where I really see myself making improvement throwing the ball down the field. We had some big time down the field completions.

Then you take two plays and it just ruins the whole day. That is what it boils down to. The first interception we did a good job of bouncing back from that one, but the next two just ruins the whole day when you saw a lot of improvement across the board. Two plays just ruined that whole thing. That is probably the most disappointing thing.

Q)What was about the Giants defense that gave you trouble in the second half?

Pennington: The Giants did a great job of giving different looks on every snap. They did a good job of holding our running game down. A lot of times people get on defensive backs saying the reason they aren't receivers is because they can't catch. These guys that we played today have really good hands. Anytime you have a defensive back that can catch the football and not just knock it down, that is a game changing player and a game changing play.

Q)How hard will it be for you to look at the film of this game?

Pennington: It won't be fun. I'll do my best to look at the game as a whole and look where I've made improvements and see where I can correct those mistakes. It's frustrating and believe me, it makes you sick to your stomach. But that is the game of football.

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