5 Questions with John Abraham

The defensive end spoke to the media today about the comments made earlier in the week by safety Damien Robinson

Q: Herm talked to you guys this morning about staying together as a team. Was that an important meeting?


Abraham: Yeah because some things happened this week that a lot of people didn't want to [see] happen. We're trying to stick together as a team and not letting anything outside get in between our team. When we separate our team, it's not going to work on the field, so we're trying to have everything outside of football and inside of football to work together.


Q: Were you upset or insulted at all with what was said?


Abraham: I wasn't angry. Everyone has their own opinion [and] you got to be a man. He stepped forward and he told us what he said so everything was cool. I'm not looking down at him for that.


Q: Damien addressed the team?


Abraham: He addressed us as a man and he came to us and told us what he said and that's cool. It's supposed to be a family around here and if you're a family, than you have to be able to talk to your family. If anything's going wrong, the first thing is that you talk to us. You can't be mad at him about that. You have to build on that.


Q: What did he say in the meeting?


Abraham: A lot of the stuff he said in the paper was not exactly what he said. You kind of took it a little bit out of context because I don't think D-Rob would say some of the stuff that they had in the paper. They try to make it a little worse than it was. It really wasn't bad what he said. Before I even read the paper I heard some crazy stuff like he said we were horrible, we can't do this, and this, and this. But when I read it, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.


Q: Do you think his point was well taken, that it's up to the defensive line as well?


Abraham: I think it was well taken but he went out into the papers first instead of talking to us first. Maybe if he hadn't gone to the papers it would have been okay. That's how it went down, that's all.  I'm not mad about that. He's a grown man and I'm a grown man. If I can't take a little criticism than hey, who am I?


Q: Is this something that you have to watch out for when a team is struggling like this?


Abraham: Yeah. Like I said, we need to keep it more in the locker room and not in the paper. I think we understand that now because anything you tell somebody can turn out to be real big, and we don't need any more setbacks than we already have.

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