McNabb gives Pennington advice

Being career winners, and presiding over one win teams that entered the season with high aspirations, aren't the only things that Donovan McNabb and Chad Pennington have in common.

"I talked to Chad in the preseason and it must be this whole radius with Eli (Manning)," McNabb said during a conference call on Wednesday. "Chad and I, everybody seems to have a great time talking about us and getting us out of here. You have to take it with a grain of salt.

"Statistically, Chad is not doing badly at all. He's completed 71 percent of his balls, although he would like to have a couple throws back. I think one thing for Chad, and I told him this preseason, is for the team to stay focused and not to worry about that. Those same people who talk badly about you or down to you are the first ones to pat you on the back when you are doing well."

In the fickle world of professional sports, rare is to find athletes that have had the success that both McNabb and Pennington have had, while at the same time having such a polarizing effect on the city in which they play in.

In the case of Pennington, since becoming the Jets starter in midway through 2002 season, he has enjoyed far more success than he has failure. In fact, during his tenure behind center, he has successfully guided the team to the playoffs on three separate occasions, and out of the first round twice.

The same type of argument can be made for McNabb. During his stay in Philadelphia, he has led the Eagles to seven post-season victories, including four NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl appearance.

Yet, despite all the success, injuries and recent struggles have turned both men into symbolic piñata's for their respective fan bases to unfairly swing at.

Regardless of the 1-4 record, and a disastrous outing last week versus the Giants, Eric Mangini wasted little time putting to rest any rumors regarding the security of Pennington's job.

The quarterback was asked on Wednesday if he's worried about losing his starting job.

"Not at all," Pennington responded. "It's a business. I don't take it personal. It's strictly business. I totally understand the situation and I take full responsibility for how I've played in the four games. I'm accountable for that."

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