"Pennington brings hope to the NYJ"

I was in attendance for the NY Jets/Kansas City Chiefs game that took place on Sunday, October 6th, 2002. It will definitely be a game I'll never forget. Not only was I there for the first ever NFL start for QB Chad Pennington, I also witnessed WR Santana Moss's first ever NFL Touchdown. Even though the Jets lost 29-25 to the Chiefs, it looks like we have found our latest sensation in Chad Pennington. I had such an exciting and great time thanks to him.

He brought a whole new type of emotion, hope, and positiveness to the Team. In a time where we lost 3 games in a row, he went in there with tons of pressure on his shoulders and he delivered. Pennington was 23 of 30 for 245 yards, that's a 76.7% completion rate, and he scored some points too! He had two TD's and an interception but he clearly showed that YES, this team CAN get into the Endzone and score some Touchdowns instead of just Field Goals.


To see #10 hitting receivers, being mobile, and just looking calm in the pocket, he brings lots of hope to this team when they need it most. Who's to say that this team can't win every game right after the BYE week? Of course with the way the NFL has been lately, you just never know what can happen these days. I do believe (and yes, my green and white faith is still in tact) this team will snap out of this losing streak and defeat the Minnesota Vikings. They've got a whole lot of problems themselves and I can totally see Pennington and Culpepper putting up HUGE numbers. It'll definitely be a shootout!


Chad Pennington definitely has what it takes to make a name for himself in the NFL. He's been with the Jets for going on 3 Years now, and he hasn't complained at all about waiting for his due time. He was drafted and knew that he'd have to pay his dues and wait until the time was right to be officially named the Starter. He came in when QB Vinny Testaverde was at the helm and just simply studied the game. He learned from truly one of the best (Afterall, Vinny is a NFL Veteran of 16 years) Quarterbacks, and learned how to be patient in the process. You don't find that at all lately. You know what I mean, a guy who's willing to wait, study, and just be patient. He's very smart from what I've heard, and it's no easy task trying to know over 400 plays in this NYJ West Coast Offense, but he's done it. I have a feeling Chad will only get better as each week goes into the books. Already, he's passed for close to 600 yards (597 yards to be exact) in the Season.


Right now, the way I see it, the Jets have a very good Special Teams (Definitely has to be in the top 5 or so in the NFL) and have the makings of a decent Offense. Before Chad Pennington was deemed the Starter, the Jets didn't even score any TD's but after that Jets/Chiefs game, it proves the Offense can put points up on the board. The only real concern is the Defense, which is at the bottom of the NFL statistically. I mean, we can't rush the passer, we can't stop the run, and we can't even tackle or at least stop our opponents from getting the 1st Down. Hopefully Ted Cottrell and the rest of the Coaching Staff can fix this problem, and do so immediately. I'm very glad we have our BYE week so early in the season because quite frankly, we need it. The Jets need to evaluate themselves, realize what is on stake now, and start winning some games. Losing 4 straight games is tough, but it doesn't mean this team is done. We have a young, gutsy, and emotional QB in Chad Pennington, and that right there shows that problems can be fixed with players who play with some heart, courage, and emotion. That's what the NFL is all about, not about arrogance but of heart. The Jets benched Vinny to make way for the Chad Pennington era, and it worked. Now let's see if on Defense, someone steps up, becomes a leader, and starts putting some FIRE into this Defense. We need to have a pissed off, I'm going to DESTROY you kind of Defense. Not one that's tired or afraid of the pass.


Finally, Chad Pennington proved himself to me, so much so, I immediately purchased his Jersey right after my Jets game. I wore his #10 proudly the following day and I have a VERY good feeling, we have yet to see the best in him. Remember the name people. Chad Pennington is our fearless leader of the future.



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