Post-game Q-and-A with Kellen Clemens

Q)What do you bring to the table for the Jets right now?

Clemens: My approach each week is the same. I go out and try to prepare the best that I can and try to be ready if I am called upon. That's the role of the backup quarterback and I'm just trying to improve each week.

Q)How frustrating is it for you watching what is going on? Clemens: It's always frustrating to lose. That's what is frustrating. We're not winning games that are very close and that are winnable. The frustration is spread across the team right now. We're going to use that frustration to work harder this week and try to improve.

Q)Do you expect a quarterback change?

Clemens: The decision that coach (Mangini) makes, I know the whole team supports. Every player in this locker room has each other's back. It's a simple thought of getting back to work and trying to get ready for next week.

Q)Is Chad taking too much criticism?

Clemens: Chad Pennington is a competitor. He wants to win as much as anybody and he works hard. He prepares hard, he works hard, he stays late, and he's an awesome teammate. He really is. How he takes a loss is his business. I know that myself and the rest of this team have a lot of respect for him.

Q)Are you uncomfortable answering questions about replacing Pennington?

Clemens: It's a careful situation. The team and I support Chad. He works hard and is a very good quarterback. Right now, it is very important for this team to remain a team. 1-5 is not where anybody wants to be, but that is where we are and we have to make the most of it.

Q)Are you totally prepared to run this offense?

Clemens: Each week, we try to do some different things. Each week, I study as hard as I can to be as prepared as I can be.

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