Bengals 1-4 with rocket-armed QB

The Jets face a Bengals team this week featuring a quarterback with a cannon arm in Carson Palmer. The Bengals, with this rocket-armed QB, are 1-4. Many Jets fans and reporters think a major reason the Jets are 1-5 is QB Chad Pennington's average arm strength. What gives?

Pennington was asked why the Bengals are also struggling and their quarterback has a great arm.

"Football is a team game," said Pennington. "The great thing about football and being an athlete, all of us as athletes bring strengths and weaknesses to the table. We bring things to the table that we do well. We're all different, in every position. There's not a cookie-cutter stereotype person that you want in every position because you have the human element involved. That's what's great about team sports and athletics in general, the human element of synergy and energy and enthusiasm and momentum, all those different words that numbers don't explain and that aren't tangible. That's what's great about it. You look at all 32 starting quarterbacks in the league; they're all a little bit different. They all bring really good things to the table."

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