Jets bring in another tryout to pick brain

When a team brings in a free agent for a tryout, it's usually because they are interested in signing the player. While the Jets do that, they also like to bring in players to act as double agents.

The latest example of this was the visit by former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Keiwan Ratliff on Tuesday.

While they might have some interest in the former University of Florida standout, the timing of the trip makes the reason for it quite apparent.

The Jets play the Bengals this Sunday, and since Ratliff was released recently by Cincinnati, he knows the inner workings of their defense.

This could be a similar move to the Jets signing former New England safety Guss Scott for one week leading up to a Jets-Pats game last year. He was cut after the game.

The Jets brought former Patriots safety Artrell Hawkins in for a visit before the first Jets-Pats matchup this year.

The Jets obviously like to use the tryout process to extract information from players that used to play for their next opponent.

We don't think they use waterboarding to get the players to share secrets about their former club.

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