Becht Off and Running

Through much of the regular season the Jets offense has struggled, but TE Anthony Becht has been a bright spot.

Through five games in this, his third NFL season, Becht has 12 catches for 117-yards and three touchdowns. He is already more than halfway to reaching last year's totals of five touchdowns and 321-yards. Big things are expected of the Jets tight end this season, who is an enormous target, but has yet to show his potential. Becht got off to a great start last season when he had 21 catches and three touchdowns in the first six games, but fell off in the second half, and was a non-factor down the stretch and in the playoffs. Becht has some extra incentive to perform well this year with rookie TE Chris Baker waiting in the wings.


Here's what the Jets' tight end had to say this week:


Q: How are you guys approaching this week?


Becht: We really would have liked to have a win coming into the bye week, but unfortunately things didn't go our way. Now we just have to get better. It's hard to change what you are. We've had five games this season and we want to make positive improvements. This is the week where guys need improve; they have to get it done. They have to do a little bit before practice and after practice, but this is the time to do it.


Q: With the offense finally igniting last week, would you rather be playing this week than having the bye?


Becht: I think bye weeks are important during the year. It's definitely a plus for teams. You need to recoup when you consistently [play] week to week. We know from last game, the potential of what we're going to do. It's a positive we can take into this week and get better. [We'll try to go into the Minnesota [game] and do a little more.


Q: With the offense finally playing well and the defense struggling, how do you keep from having a rift in the locker room?


Becht: There's no rift. I don't think we're that kind of team. A lot of people talk about it and say that it happens, but on our team we have a bunch of guys that care about their jobs [and] their positions. Nobody wants to go out there and make mistakes and do things wrong, and not be in the right spot. The team won't divide. We all work together as one [and] it's important that we come together this week and come out to Minnesota with a new focus.


Q: What do you say about some of the finger pointing that went on this week?


Becht: I don't know anything about it. If someone pointed fingers they got to be accountable for themselves. As a team, we just need to go out there and do it together. Obviously if one guy or two guys aren't doing the job, we can't get this thing done. We have to get everybody going on the same page and we'll be fine. 

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