Chrebet Running

The bye week hasn't changed the Jets' 1-4 record, but it has allowed some key players to heal. WR Wayne Chrebet will begin running this afternoon, and looks to make his return on Sunday.

LB Mo Lewis has been resting his sore hip during the bye week and will also begin to run today. DE Steve White, DT James Reed, and G J.P. Machado are still limited with their injuries.


Statistically, White has been a non-factor, but Herm Edwards says he's played consistent football and is a "try hard" guy. White uses double moves and second-efforts to apply pressure to the quarterback, but will not record many sacks.


The Jets intend to use more under fronts to free up LB Sam Cowart. On the under fronts Lewis winds up against the tight end, which allows Cowart to roam free and make plays. On the over fronts, Cowart winds up aligned with the offensive guard where he is more easily contained. When Cowart was in Buffalo the defense filtered everything toward him, and allowed him to roam and make plays.


Coverage and pass rush go together, and Edwards said both need to be working for either to be successful. DE John Abraham has shown some signs of regaining the speed and quickness he had a year ago. Against the Chiefs, Abraham had a sack and drew two holding penalties. Edwards said DE Shaun Ellis has played better than this time last season, and has been helped by slimming down in the off-season.


Edwards acknowledged that anything can happen in this league. He told his players to focus on getting a win and not the other records in the division, but he is well aware of New England's three game losing streak, and felt that a few wins could get the team right back in the race.


The Vikings won their first game of the year on Sunday, and WR Randy Moss got on track with nine catches. The Jets will have their hands full containing Moss on Sunday, whom Edwards said could be one of the best ever if he put his mind to it.

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