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Here is Part 1 of an interview Dan Leberfeld did with Redskins Insider John Keim . . .who got the better of the Moss-Coles trade . . .would the Redskins have an interest in Chad Pennington . . .how is Jason Fabini doing at right guard . . .

1. If the Redkins struggle the rest of this season on offense, do you think they would have an interest in Chad Pennington?

Keim: Only as a backup. They like Jason Campbell and I doubt they would do anything that would sidetrack his development. I would imagine Chad would want to go somewhere where he had a chance to start. But they likely will have to look for a backup QB. It's hard to imagine them sticking with the same three-man rotation they have this year, with Todd Collins and Mark Brunell as the backups. Then again, Al Saunders loves Collins and Joe Gibbs loves Brunell.

2)How much longer do you think Joe Gibbs will coach?

Keim: Provided they don't fall flat in the final nine games, I think he'll return next year. He's always said he would coach for the life of his contract and next year is the last year. Barring health issues, I can't imagine he would walk away from $5 million. Anyone who knows Gibbs well usually says this, ''Joe loves money.'' Well, who doesn't? But that's a lot of dough to leave on the table. However, if the Redskins collapsed and it was clear a change is needed, then I could see him leaving. My feeling is that they'll win seven or eight games with a banged-up roster. That, coupled with a developing young QB, should be enough to get him back.

3)Is Gregg Williams the heir apparent?

Keim: Not necessarily. I think it depends on how it plays out over the next two years. Williams will be mentioned for a few jobs after this season, if the defense maintains its pace. He was a candidate for the St. Louis job last year and that's near his hometown. But Williams has also said he would not leave until his daughter graduated high school. She has one more year. But let's say Gibbs comes back next year and the team goes deep in the playoffs and he steps down. Then I could see them giving it to Williams to continue with the same program, so to speak. Gregg is a very smart guy, but his people skills are not the same as Joe's. He would have to tweak his ways to be successful.

4)How bad have things been on the right side of the offensive line?

Keim: Bad. Jason Fabini is not well-suited for guard and it shows. Todd Wade is a solid backup at RT and if Randy Thomas were still at guard, Wade's play would probably improve. But now he must help Fabini in pass protection all the time. The result is that a tight end or back constantly needs to help in pass protection and they're not always successful. Mike Sellers is a good lead blocker, but is not as good in pass pro. Also, the right side has not provided the cutback lanes needed for Clinton Portis, one reason the running game has struggled.

5)How would you assess the Coles-Moss trade a couple of years later?

Keim: I love Santana Moss. He's enjoyable to deal with and never ducks a question or an interview. He's a favorite among the media, without a doubt. And on the field, when healthy, he's been good. Sometimes very good. But what's happened is not surprising: he averages more yards per catch while Coles has more catches. I think Coles' consistency gives him the edge in this trade, but the Redskins got what they wanted: a downfield threat.

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