Part 2 with Redskins insider John Keim

Here is the second part of our interview with Redskin insider John Keim . . .how much does the loss of CB Carlos Rogers hurt the Skins . . .was Kendall worth a fourth round pick . . .what's up with Daniel Snyder - he's been very quiet . . .

6)The Jets offensive line has been inconsistent in pass protection, and has trouble in blitz pickup. Is Gregg Williams attacking defense going to give them big problems?

Keim: I could have asked you the same thing. ... There's no guarantee the Redskins will resort to blitzing. They have done very little of it in the last four weeks, if at all. They want to rely on the front four to generate pressure so they can cover with seven. It's worked in most games; not last week. But with Carlos Rogers out, the Redskins might not have the ability to cover as long as they have in the past. Which means they might need quicker pressure via blitzes. I would be surprised if they did it all game, but on occasion, they almost have to.

7)How is the dream team at safety doing?

Keim: Pretty good. Sean Taylor is making more plays than ever because he's almost always in coverage. Taylor lost weight this past offseason and studied more than ever. Teammates say he's changed this season. We wouldn't know; he still doesn't talk to us much. But he is playing well and taking away a lot of deep stuff. LaRon Landry, the rookie, is doing just fine. Because he can play in the box at times, it allows Taylor to stay deep. But Landry also sits back a lot. He can cover in the slot and he hits every bit as hard as Taylor. He can cover in the slot as well. Landry has not made many big plays, but that will come in time. He's too good.

8)How much will the loss of Carlos Rogers help the Jets passing game?

Keim: If Coles doesn't play, it might not help at all. The Redskins are OK with their starting corners because Fred Smoot would take his place alongside Shawn Springs, who remains a good corner. But Smoot has hamstring issues and heaven knows when it'll flare up again; it's already cost him three games. I'm not sure the Jets have the wideouts, minus Coles, to really hurt Washington all game. Especially if the line can get to Clemens.

9. How is Daniel Snyder holding up? We don't hear as much from him.

Keim: Neither do we. Snyder has been very quiet the last few years, trying to stay out of the spotlight. From what we hear, he's not pleased that he's paying a lot of these assistants top dollar and not getting the results. Al Saunders' offense has not been productive. It's not all his fault by any means, but he is getting paid a lot.

10)Was a fourth round pick too much to give for Kendall?

Keim: Last year they gave up a fourth-rounder to get Brandon Lloyd and he's done very little here. And they gave up a third-rounder last year for T.J. Duckett who never did anything and left via free agency. So a fourth-rounder for Kendall seems like a steal. And the way this team drafts, yes, it was a good move.

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