Post-game interview with Kellen Clemens

Q)What was your comfort level like in your second start?

Clemens: I felt pretty comfortable. I really did. I had a great cast around me and a lot of support. We had a great week of practice.

Q)Can you talk about the 39-yard pass to Cotchery in overtime?

Clemens: It was a great call by coach (Brian) Schottenheimer. Jerricho ran a great route and made a great catch. The ball wasn't very well-thrown. He bailed me out on that. When we got down there we weren't quite in field goal range.

Q)How frustrating was this game?

Clemens: It's just so frustrating to battle so hard for four quarters and an overtime period and then just come up short. The (winning) kick didn't make it by much but we have to credit that kicker for making it. It's so frustrating to play as hard as we are and work as hard as we do in practice, and still come up short.

Q)Does the outcome of this game sum up the season?

Clemens: We are 1-8, so you could definitely surmise that. There have not been a lot of blowouts, we are in every game. We just continue to come up short. I don't question the heart, the desire, or the work ethic of this team.

Q)What happened on the the third-and-short play before the tying field goal?

Clemens: We were kind of rushed with the clock running down. We were trying to get one more play in and sneak a first down. We had a timeout. We were expecting them to bring a lot of pressure and they did a good job of sloughing off and playing defend coverage. At that point, I did not want to force anything and risk a turnover. We have a pretty good field goal kicker in (Mike) Nugent. I just threw it away and let him come on and make the kick.

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