Fan-Alysis - THE BYE WEEK

What did we do on the bye-week? A rhetorical question with a myriad of answers from the two of us. As in most cases, we did approach this free period from different angles. Regardless of the approach and our personal choices for a non-Jet weekend, the green and white where still on our minds and in our hearts. Will they regroup and come out fresh against the Vikings? Can they turn it around and really make a run at the playoffs? What real changes will Herm make to motivate his team?




The feelings and passion are still there even when they don't suit up and take the playing field anywhere in America, except on the field with John Madden and Play station 3. (They actually looked pretty good in winning a multitude of games throughout this rainy weekend.)


As Sunday morning approached and there were no flights booked to far away exotic places like Indianapolis or Pittsburgh.  No reason to call Franco's in Fort Lee about one hour before kickoff to order the best combo hero west of the Hudson, a half-time tradition since Manganaro's Hero Boy on 9th Avenue holds the title for anything east of the Hudson, and also holds court for our lunch on Monday afternoon where we review the previous days game highlights and lowlights. 


What to Do?


We spoke after Herms appearance on the CBS morning show and realized that we, as fans and believers, are still searching for some good answers to get this team back on track.  However what was interesting to us was that we would be spending our afternoon doing different things come 1:05pm and local kickoff time.  An unusual set of circumstances for these two die-hard Jets fans in the fall season. 


Here are our thoughts on Herms appearance and then Dexter's view of the Giant game as Jeff spent his time shooting baskets and going to the batting cage with his son. 


It was vintage Edwards!!  We saw Herm as a good citizen and he is still incredulous about being the Head Coach of the NY Jets (and so are we).  He spent part of last week giving back to inner city youths and was organizing and teaching basic fundamentals to kids.  What about the Jets?  They need help on tackling and conditioning too. 


The show then summarized the KC game.  Herm felt in the last drive someone would rise to the occasion and make a play to stop the drive and win the game.  After all, it happened last year with great regularity.  He never mentioned that he had confidence in the players or the defense.  He just said he thought that we would be lucky like last year.  Lucky is not good football.  A Great inspirational coach!!!


The rest of the day was spent watching football of course, especially the New Jersey Giants.  They were almost as pathetic as the Jets except that they are 3-3. We feel sorry for them but admire Jim Fassel.  He takes a band of a few good players and a bunch of rag-a-muffins and they play hard and competitive.  Our sources tell us the players hate him.  That's why he is such a great coach.  Kerry Collins could not play 3rd string for the Jets.  He makes far too many mistakes.  The offensive line on paper sounds to be the weakest in the league but they keep people away from Collins.  The defense is ordinary especially at the linebackers, but you got to admire the ferocity of Strahan.  The loss of Keith Hamilton will be devastating since they do not have any depth on the defensive line.


Shooting baskets in the rain pretending to be Earl Monroe taking on Jason Kidd is a great deal of fun.  Understanding that the glory days of your adolescence has passed while your opponent thinks he can take you on is a natural course in the father/son circle of life.  As the intensity of the rain increased and the once easy lay-ups were not dropping like they used to, a quick car ride to the battling cage was next.  Along the way, the familiar voice of Dave Jennings brought us back into reality that there were football games in progress on this Fall Sunday afternoon.  The Giants were in a tight game, but the Pats were losing and in a weird and non-objective way the Jets were winning. 


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