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Why is Vilma mad at Hutch? . . . Jets want to get 4.3 wideout more involved . . . team brings in speedy wideout for a tryout . . .

It's a shame that wide receiver Chris Davis hurt his shoulder early in the Jets loss to Washington. It seemed like the Jets had some plans for him in the passing game.

It should come as no surprise that Davis was activated off the practice squad around the time that Kellen Clemens was named the team's starting quarterback. Davis is the fastest Jet, running under 4.4 in the forty. And we all know that Kellen Clemens is better at getting the ball down field than Chad Pennington. So for all those Jets fans begging the team to go deep more, it probably would have happened against the Redskins. Unfortunately, Davis hurt his shoulder on a reverse early in the game, and was done for the day.

He is iffy for the Steelers game with the aforementioned shoulder ailment and an ankle issue.

None of the Jets top four receivers – Laveranues Coles, Jerricho Cotchery, Justin McCareins and Brad Smith are bonafide deep threats. Davis is, so they Jets would really like to get him involved with Clemens at the helm.

Another speed receiver to keep an eye on down the stretch is Wallace Wright, perhaps the Jets best special team's coverage player . . .

Jonathan Vilma's surgery to have bone spurs taken out of his right knee will keep him out 3-6 months according to Newsday. So based on that timetable, it makes you wonder if Vilma will be healthy enough to trade before the draft, which is five months away.

According to Adam Schein of Sirius, a few GM's in the NFL are willing to give up a first round pick for Vilma.

Vilma could be a superstar for a team playing the 4-3 system. Can you imagine how good he could be in Detroit playing between outside linebackers Boss Bailey and Ernie Sims? The New Orleans Saints would be crazy not to make a run at Vilma. They desperately need a speedy middle linebacker.

But the Jets also might decide to keep Vilma. While the 3-4 system isn't ideal for him, with a huge nose tackle in front of him, and a stout inside linebacker next to him, like David Harris, this can work. Hey, Vilma's old buddy from Miami, New England nose tackle Vince Wilfork is a free agent. Maybe the Jets can make a run at him.

There are rumors that Vilma hates playing in the 3-4 and wants out. Star-Ledger reporter Dave "Hutch" Hutchinson has reported this.

During a conference call with Jets beat reporters on Tuesday, Vilma expressed his discontent with Hutch's article.

"I can't wait to speak to Hutch, great stories, none of which base on fact – I'd like speak to Hutch, let's put it that way," said Vilma. "The stories he is putting out are fiction." Hutchinson stands by his stories, and told Vilma to feel free to give him a call . . .

The Jets brought in former North Carolina State running back and wide receiver Tremain Hall in for a tryout this week . . .

The Indianapolis Colts signed former Jets practice squad player Mike Elgin to their practice squad.

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