5 Questions with Donnie Abraham

The Jets' cornerback spoke about the tough task of covering WR Randy Moss.

Q: When you were in Tampa, how did you cover a guy like Moss with all his speed, height and athleticism?


Abraham: We just concentrated on finishing the play. When you think you have him covered, cover him some more. That's the thing we stressed in Tampa. Finish the play and cover him when he's not even in the play because there's potential for the ball to come back to him. Daunte (Culpepper) is able to move around and scramble, so you got to make sure you stay with your guy.


Q: Is that something that this defense, as a whole hasn't done – finishing plays?


Abraham: I think this defense just hasn't made the plays when they've really counted. We're making plays on defense, we're giving up some, but we've got to make plays when the money's on the line. That's what we're not doing right now.


Q: Randy Moss hasn't been making the big plays this year. Do you see anything different in him?


Abraham: When he first came into the league he was doing a real good job. I think teams now are starting to double him and play different coverages on him, show him different things, disguises. All those things play a factor in how he's going to be successful.


Q: Daunte Culpepper has been interception prone this year. Is mixing up different looks and coverages important to stopping him as well as Moss?


Abraham: I think it's very important because it doesn't give him a clear window to look through. If you mix up your defenses really well, if you watch the films you'll see, a lot of times he'll have to come off of Randy. He might be looking at him but the defense changes and he has to come off of Randy and throw it a different way. That definitely helps you a lot, and we can do that.


Q: Moss had a couple of games, when you were in Tampa, where you held him to two catches and four catches, but then he'd have eight catches for 200-yards and a 60-yard touchdown. Is that just a matter of, if you give him enough chances, he'll make a play. What do you remember were the differences between the games where you held him and the games where he made big plays?


Abraham: the good [receivers] in this league, if you keep going to them and going to them, their going to make plays. You can't relax. If he doesn't have any catches, you can't relax because the next thing you know he'll have four catches for 100-yards. You got to finish the game and finish every play.

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