Kellen Clemens post-game comments

Q)What were your emotions at the end of this game?

Clemens: I tell you what, when that final kick went through, that is one of the best feelings we have had in a while. The downside is that we get the least amount of time to celebrate.

Q)What made you guys run the flea-flicker on the first drive?

Clemens: They are very aggressive at times. So we thought we had an opportunity to take a shot on them early.

Q)Did the early flea-flicker open up the running game?

Clemens: I would like to think it affected the safeties a little bit - that it kept them back and kept them wary of trick plays and gadgets.

Q)What impact did all the Steeler fans in the crowd have on the game?

Clemens: We had to use more silent counts when we were in the shotgun because of the crowd noise.

Q)What happened on that delay of game penalty on the five yard line late in regulation?

Clemens: It's frustrating. We were five yards from the end zone. We had a chance to put the game away and score a touchdown. We had a little confusion in the huddle. Then we got up to the line and Pittsburgh was doing a lot of different things. They were moving around a lot, delaying out protection calls and the play clock got the better of us.

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