Mangini post-game comments

Q)You said Kellen Clemens earned the right to play - is he still earning it?

Mangini: I will look at it over the time that we have.

Q)Considering how poorly he was playing, did you consider pulling him?

Mangini: Did I consider making a change today, no.

Q)It looks like the change from Pennington to Clemens hasn't improved the offense at all . . .

Mangini: We have made a lot of changes at a lot of different point. I don't think that at any point the change was an indictment of any one person. You are always trying to find the best combination of people. That is something we will continue to do.

Q)Did Clemens telegraph that pass that was picked off by Newman for a touchdown?

Mangini: I thought it was a very good play by the defensive back in terms of getting the jump. I thought he made a nice read there.

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