5 Questions with Chad Pennington

The Jets' QB talks about Randy Moss and the Minnesota Vikings

Q: Talk about Randy Moss.


Pennington: There's no doubt he's a great talent. Any time you have Randy on the field it gives you a lot more confidence as a quarterback, because he can make such great plays. He's so competitive and he's fun to watch.


Q: What do you think of all the off-the-field problems Randy's had in his career?


Pennington: Well I think you have to realize that Randy's spent most of his life in the spotlight. Things that people don't know about us as individuals, they know about Randy Moss, because he's such a great talent. He's learning from his mistakes and I think he'll keep pushing forward and mature and he'll be fine.


Q: Any extra motivation for you just having a chance to play against him, now that you're a starter?


Pennington: I'm just glad he's not on the defensive side. I'm glad he's on the offensive side where I don't have to worry about him. He'll be fun to watch though when I'm standing on the sideline.


Q: What have you seen from Randy Moss this year? 36 catches for an 8.8-yard average isn't characteristic of him.


Pennington: I still think he's making plays. Obviously Minnesota's goal is to get him the football as much as possible. When you become the primary receiver, as he has this year, your yards-per-catch might go down a little bit because you're used in the short passing game, your used in the long passing game, but it's not all downfield. He's dangerous. Anytime he's on the field you have to know where he is at all times.


Q: What kind of mindset do you have going into this game, knowing that you had two weeks to prepare for Minnesota?


Pennington: I don't think my mindset is any different from when I prepared for Kansas City or Jacksonville or any of those games before that. I have to take the same approach with my preparation. Once I step out there on the field, I have to trust what we're doing, trust the preparation and our practice time, and just let it go. Not try to be perfect or play not to lose, but play to win. We're going to let it fly from every direction.

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