Part 1 with Dolphin Insider Alain

What does John Beck bring to the table? . . .What kind of head coach is Cam Cameron? . . .What is the Dolphins receiving corps like sans Chris Chambers? . . .

1)What should the Jets expect from John Beck?

ALain: Tough question to answer before we see what Beck against Pittsburgh in his second career start. The best guess, though, is you're going to see a young quarterback with a lot of poise who's not going to make a lot of mental mistakes. In his first start, Nov. 18 at Philadelphia, Beck had some problem with his accuracy, particularly on short passes. That was somewhat of a surprise because accuracy was supposed to be one of his fortes.

2)What is the state of the Dolphins running game?

Alain: It's obviously not quite as good as when Ronnie Brown was in the lineup because he was having a Pro Bowl season before going down with a season-ending knee injury against New England on Oct. 21. Still, the Dolphins have the ability to do some damage on the ground because Jesse Chatman has proven to be a very good backup and because Ricky Williams is back.

3)Who would you assess the Dolphins receivers post Chris Chambers trade?

Alain: The big story clearly is the improved play of first-round pick Ted Ginn Jr., who's not only made an impact as a kick returner but might be the team's best receiver right now. Beyond him, though, there's not much. Marty Booker is a veteran who has been around, but he's not a big-play guy and he drops too many passes. Then there's Derek Hagan, who in his second year still looks like a marginal NFL player and a bad third-round pick.

4)Miami's defense seems to be playing better over the last few games. Is that accurate, and if so - why?

Alain: It definitely has played better, although bad weather conditions made it a tough passing day in the game in London against the Giants and in the game at Philadelphia. And in both those games the Dolphins got pounded on the ground. Still, the secondary is making many more plays (including 2006 first-round pick Jason Allen) and that's been the biggest difference of late.

5)What is your take on Cam Cameron thus far?

Alain: Obviously, with the team sitting 0-10, it's tough to come up with a terribly positive portrait. I will see this, he's not afraid to take chances on offense, which is a nice change from previous coaches we've had around here. Some of his decision-making, however, has been highly questionable. In terms of the way he runs things, Cameron has a little bit of Nick Saban in him in terms of being in complete control and being secretive with the media, although he is much more pleasant individual (which actually isn't saying much).

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