Mangini opens up about Clemens

Q)Do you believe that Kellen Clemens has regressed?

Mangini: The whole group needs to play better than we did offensively in Dallas.

Q)How important are the next five games for Clemens as far as being the starter next year?

Mangini: Each game is important and each game is important for everybody involved. There are a lot of different people who are playing and contributing. We're looking at different things throughout the course of the game. It's not unique to Kellen (Clemens).

Q)Has Clemens performance in his four starts met your expectations?

Mangini: I don't really go in with any set expectations at that position because there are so many things that play into that.

Q)What happened on the Pick Six to Terrence Newman?

Mangini: Newman made a really nice break on it. It was an option-­type route, he guessed, and he guessed right. He had a nice jump on it. Sometimes that happens. He made a very nice play.

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